25 Things to do Before 40 - The Ultimate Guide & Bucket List (#9 Is the Best)

The internet is buzzing with bucket lists for the under forties crew. But what about us late bloomers? The Xennials (not quite Millennials, not quite Gen X-ers) that ferreted away our twenties studying and working on our careers. Trying to get a foot on the property ladder, or maybe starting a family. Back then, “quitting your job to travel the world” was a far-flung dream, not a daily affirmation.

25 Before 40 Bucket list

#1 Swim in the Dead Sea (Sounds amazing right?)


Have you ever seen those photos of people reading a newspaper while floating in the Dead Sea?

Well, the truth is you actually can’t spend an entire afternoon sitting in the water, reading the day away. It’s likely you’d dissolve if you did that. Fortunately, you have us to help you have a great experience!

#2 Exploring the Rainforests of Costa Rica


A rainforest is a tropical forest. It’s a dense area of tall trees that receive heavy year-round rainfall – typically at least 100 inches (254 centimeters). The tall trees block out much of the sunlight, preventing heavy undergrowth as is found in a jungle. The canopy provides a high home for many birds and animals!

#3 Japan (MUST)


Over two-thirds of Japan is made up of mountains, perfect for hiking, and there are majestic volcanoes, thundering waterfalls, bubbling hot springs, and vast forests inhabited by monkeys, bears, deer, cranes and other wildlife. The tropical beaches of the south are popular for sunning, snorkeling, diving, and surfing, and in fact, Japan’s coastline is one of the longest and most impressive in the world.

#4 The Ancient City of Petra


 An ancient civilization built the famous, stone-hewn city of Petra so that the sun would illuminate their sacred places like celestial spotlights, a new study says

#5 New York at Christmas


Every year the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade ends with Santa coming to a stop in front of the department store on 6th Ave, marking the beginning of the Christmas season in the Big Apple. Come explore some of the timeless traditions of Christmas in New York City.

#6 Take a Helicopter Ride in Chamonix


A fantastic way to see the resort with your friends and family and a great way to entertain any non-skiers in your group.

Experience the beauty of the mountains by taking an amazing tour in a helicopter to view stunning, remote locations. Get a birdseye view of the Espace Killy and Three Valleys ski domains and their nature reserves as well as the Mont Blanc Valley.

#7 Madagascar


Madagascar, a country famed for lemurs, baobab trees, birding, and jungles, offers visitors a rich playground to explore. I was enthralled by its beauty: the sweeping canyons and gorges, the grand waterfalls, and the sheer diversity of the landscape. One day you’re in a tropical jungle, the next you’re in an arid plain, and a few hours later you’re in a subtropical forest! Plus, there really are seemingly endless varieties of lemurs

#8 Milford Sound, New Zealand


Milford Sound is located in the Fiordland National Park and inundated with impassible towering cliffs on either side, the deep blue waters of Milford Sound slice through allowing visitors to glide through on a boat or kayak or hover over it via a helicopter or plane

#9 Visit Giraffe Manor in Kenya (Priority)

Boring with normal breakfast?

#10 Hike Table Mountain


 Table Mountain’s distinctive flat top is one of the first and last things you see when visiting the city. It towers over the city like a watchful, gentle giant. The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway is the best way to get to the top (or back down after a hike).

#11 Explore More of France


 Being the world’s most visited country makes deciding which pocket of France to visit that little bit trickier. France is a diverse country, with a hazy, lazy Mediterranean climate in the south and a maritime one in its north. You can taste the delights of Spain in its southern cuisine while some corners of Strasbourg feel more German than they do French.

#12 Munching in Mexico


 On one trip to Mexico, you can enjoy world-class scuba diving, climb atop ancient Mayan ruins, explore colorful colonial towns, and indulge in the cuisine. With so much going on and so many amazing places to visit in Mexico

#13 Spend Time With Mountain Gorillas in Uganda


 A Uganda Gorilla trekking in one of the world’s most Impenetrable forests is a once in a lifetime experience that will exceed all of your expectations. This adventure should be on every traveler's bucket list and has to be a part of your Uganda itinerary!

#14 Do a Road Trip Through Canada


 As the world’s second-largest country—with the world’s most extensive coastline—Canada is made for road tripping. It’s easy to head off the beaten path in this largely uninhabited country, which is what road trips are all about. From west to east, here are the best, and most scenic, road trips you need to enjoy in the Great White North

#15 Try Stand-Up Paddle Boarding


 SUP looks like a lot of fun and a cool way to stay fit. It’s not something I could really do regularly unless we move closer to the water, but we would like to give it a try!

#16 Go to a Yoga Retreat in Bali


 Apart from connecting you with nature and disconnecting you from technology (heck yes, we all need that!), the best yoga retreats in Bali can help you deeply transform your thoughts and inspire you to more mindfulness overall

#17 Go Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia


 Cappadocia in central Turkey is perhaps most well-known for the panoramic view of hundreds of hot air balloons ebbing and flowing above valleys and volcanic “fairy chimney” formations. Though it is but one of the many things to do in Cappadocia, hot air ballooning is one of the most popular activities in the region for a number of reasons

#18 Learn How to Pilot a Drone


 Drones are generally operated with a remote controller or a transmitter. This handy device somewhat resembles gaming or toy remote controllers with buttons and joysticks that serve various functions. More professional models can be quite overwhelming and may take more time for a user to utilize its full functionality

#19 Do a Road Trip in Australia


#20 Exploring the Algarve in Portugal


 If you’re thinking of heading down under, an Australia road trip has to be one of the best options for seeing the most of this diverse (and pretty enormous!) country.

Grab some wheels and set out into the unknown, either through the western outback, along the beautiful, rugged coastlines or deep into the heart of the red center of Australia.

#21 Climb Mt Kilimanjaro


 A few ideas on how climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to the top of Africa can teach you something about life.

For some, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is another checkbox on a “to do” list. For me, it turned out to be a journey — in its own way, an epic exercise in achievement

#22 Stay in an Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora



 A trip to Bora Bora is probably something that's already on your bucket list. But seeing as you're traveling all that way, why not make it count? Snorkel over a coral reef, swim with sharks, drink cocktails while you watch shooting stars, and go parasailing over volcanos.

#23 Go Back to Rome


 Rome has everything, from historical or religious sites, to ancient ruins, fountains, statues, squares, museums and galleries of every kind, unforgettable atmosphere and some of the best cuisines in the world

#24 Conquer Jamaica


As the Lonely Planet puts it, Jamaica is the best Caribbean island for spicy food, spicy music, and stunning scenery. Nevermind what else you can experience in this Caribbean island paradise, they had me at spicy


#25 And the final is "Make a Difference"


I’ve always been passionate about animal welfare, environmental concerns, and ethical travel. But haven’t yet found a way to give back, or to help educate others. I feel like I can, and should, be doing more.


Originally I just wanted to jot down some ideas and inspirations! I’d love to know if you’ve had any of these experiences yourself. Or maybe you have your own ’25 things to do before 40′ bucket list you’d like to share?

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