3 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Notebook

A5 Paper Notebook

Some researchers have shown that handwriting helps to learn and memorize. Sometimes, you come up with the super interesting ideas but you do not have anything to note them right now. It’s a reason why we suggest you a paper notebook along with you over time. Here are 3 reasons why you should keep a paper notebook.

1. A notebook helps us to learn and memorize

A5 Paper Notebook

If you are a student, you can take notes from the teacher’s lecture by typing on a laptop. That way is significantly faster than writing but studies have shown that notetaking by hand increases your understanding ability and it’s also a good way to summarize the knowledge you heard in class.

2. A notebook helps us to focus

A5 Paper Notebook

Despite the rise of technological products, a notebook still plays a significant role in our work. Even though you have a fancy smartphone, it can’t beat a paper notebook. In some cases, using a laptop to take notes makes you distracted because the internet is a powerful source of entertainment. But even if we only use it to take notes, a computer is not as effective as a pen and paper in promoting concentration.

3. Notebook enhances creativity and deliberation

A5 Paper Notebook

Handwriting can be very useful during activities like brainstorming and goal-setting. In her book “Write It Down Make It Happen”, Henriette Anne Klauser argues that writing down your goals is the most effective way to reach them.

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So, if you love writing on paper, a notebook will be definitely your best friend. To sum up, a notebook is a tool of creation, learning, and memorization in our modern lives. 

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