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6 Must-haves that Every Girl Should Have in Her Pouch

Posted on 17 August 2018

These days, every girl needs more essentials when going out. Life can be so unpredictable, there are a few items that we think are essential to balancing all the surprises that come up in a busy day. Today, we will discuss about the products that you should keep in your makeup pouch. Keep reading to find out which things you should always have with you!

1. Lipsticks

Half Moon Pouch 

Lipstick can protect your lips from these elements such as cold and wind. When the climate changes, your lips turn drier than normal. It’s necessary to keep a lip balm in your handbag to make your lips be soft and plump. Furthermore, lipstick makes your smile appear nice and bright as long as you select the right lipstick for the job. 

2. Cell phone

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Don’t let cell phone get away from you. Cell phone helps you stay connected with your beloved people anytime and everywhere. With cell phone on hand, you don’t need to turn on TV or PC to get entertained because it is all in one your phone. You can play games, surf facebook or listen music in your spare time.

3. A set of earphones

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Whether you are home or office, you also enjoy your favorite playlist if you have a set of earphones. By using earphones, you can better focus on driving car when talking someone or listening music. Especially, on bikes these earbuds are your best friends. But never listen too much loud music during driving because you would not be able to listen voices from outside of the car.

4. Medicine bag

Photo: thechangetrend.com

Medicine bag is the most important items that should have in your bag all times. It helps to be prepared for a headache, stomach ache or soreness to prevent any pain from spiraling out of control. 

5. Power bank

Power Bank in Rabbit Wonderland design

Speaking of a power bank, it’s a portable electronic device containing many USB gateways that connect to your electronics to keep them be charged up. You cannot be sure the outlets are available everywhere you arrive so that the power bank is overly a useful tech to protect your electrics to be charged all time. It’s also great to bring along when you plan to take public transport at your destination, so that you can charge while in transit, on the bus, train or on a long walk.

6. Sunscreen

Photo: ehopital.vn

There are a plenty of benefits when using sunscreen. Based on the recent research, wearing sunscreen helps you prevent from sun rays that is one of main factors causing the skin cancer. Moreover, using sun protector can slow down the development of wrinkles and aging skin. Sometimes, you forget to wear sunscreen before leaving home so you can buy 2 bottle of sunscreen and keep one of them in your makeup pouch to use it when you need.

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