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Tips for finding unique Valentine’s day gift for your lady

Posted on 26 January 2017

Greetings from Bisu Bisu!

Valentine’s Day is coming. For a long time, 14/02 is the occasion when couples and lovers express their special feelings for each other, recall loving memories and exchange beautiful gifts. On this special event, let’s brainstorm some exclusive Valentine gift ideas for ladies.

  1. Roses and chocolate – classy love presents

Modest yet classy, fresh flowers like red roses and chocolate are two traditional presents during Valentine’s Day. The fragrance of roses represents passion, while the sweet and bitterness of chocolate are the eternal symbols of Valentine.

Chocolate – as sweet and passionate as true love (Photo: chocoworld)

Roses - eternal Valentine presents for ladies

  1. Customizable couple accessories

Couple accessories are now becoming popular options when choosing Valentine gifts for wives or girlfriends. These paired items symbolize the strong connection between two people. You can completely conquer her heart through variety of choices, from couple T shirts, customizable smartphone covers with your and her name printed, or cute passport covers for your trips together.

Cute smartphone covers for you and her

Customizable couple T shirts, for you and she confidently hangout together in Valentine’s Day

You can also choose these nice couple pillowcases. She will definitely be surprised!

Combo of Valentine’s day gift set: leather clutch, passport cover and smartphone case with elegant flower textiles and her name printed on will surely help you win her heart on Valentine’s day! 

  1. Jewelry

Jewelry is a practical yet elegant present that will help her shine brightly on a date with you. You can consider a necklace, bracelet, earrings ... Jewelry in general is quite easy to choose, so men can effortlessly pick a lovely item for your ladies on Valentine’s day.

Silver or platinum jewelry never fails to attract beautiful ladies (Photo: Metal Mulisa)

  1. Create a love diary

Each couple in love will certainly have beautiful love memories that you would want to save as a reminder of your love story. Then why not make your sweet darling surprised by creating your own love diary as a gift for her on Valentine’s day. Be creative and meticulous, with a scrapbook customized for her only, you can create some funny cutouts from photos of you two, or add in some romantic quotes and write them on the love diary. For sure she will be in love with your Valentine’s gift!

Choose a customizable handbook as love diary

Carefully and creatively, save your love memories like this! (Photo: cutcraftcreate)

  1. An elegant high-heel shoe

High-heels are always “must-have” items in women’s shoe closet. A pair of shoe with neutral color, moderate height would be a safe yet delicate present for your loved one. Tip for guy: remember carefully her size to avoid problems with wrong size.

Power of high heels is indisputable. You can choose from prestigious brands such as Dior, Christian Louboutin. Surely she will be completely conquered! (Photo: alux.com)

  1. A charming lipstick

It is not a surprise that red lips always enchanted the guys. Sweet but classic, soft but powerful red lips are the eternal symbol of the beauty of women. Therefore, a red lipstick is one of the most sought-after Valentine’s gift for her this year. 

Various lipstick brands to choose for Valentine’s: Lancome, Chanel, Dior or M.A.C
(Photo: collegefashion.net)


  1. Sexy with perfume

If there is anything that reveals about women’s personalities and emotions, it should be fragrance. Each lady has her own unique scent that she uses to express herself without words. You need to define and explore the favorite, mysterious scent she loves most. Below are some suggestions:

Narisco represents a modern type of women, both decisive and mysterious at a same time, highlighting the utmost sexiness and high class (Photo: the candy perfume)


Sexy, tender and feminist. Hailed as Queen of fragrance, Chanel No. 5 is the exquisite combination of the noblest scents, beyond the reach of time and space (Photo: the candy perfume)


We hope those suggestions will help you find the most satisfying and unique gifts for your ladies in this year’s Valentine!

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