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Tips for choosing the “in-style” birthday gifts for girlfriend

Posted on 10 March 2017

Greetings from Bisu Bisu!

Every year, there are dozens of occasions when girls would receive presents, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas and other anniversary days. But most importantly, girlfriend’s birthday is the occasion when men struggle to find the ideal gift that can express their love and care to the “other half.” Definitely a difficult task, but here are some girlfriend birthday gift ideas you may find interesting.

  1. Flowers 

Most girls will not refuse a bouquet of flowers from you, along with a lovely birthday greeting card sincerely written. For those who want to bring surprise, romance and a twist of fun, flowers make the most beautiful and convenient birthday gifts.

A beautiful bunch of flower...


along with a cute birthday card are quite enough to impress your girlfriend on her special day (Photo: birthdaycard.com)


  1. Coupled items

If you guys want to find unique birthday gifts for girlfriend, consider couple accessories and fashion items. These certainly strike a strong impression on girls, not only because of the materials or textiles and patterns on the items, but more than that, couple stuffs represent your love and special bond!

Couple shirts are cute and fashionable items you can choose 

  Phone cases for you two are also great birthday gift ideas


Couple pillow covers like these will definitely drive her crazy with excitement! 

  1. Personalized accessories

Personalized accessories are meticulously crafted, based on her personality, hobbies or habits. These little birthday presents certainly would help you score a huge impression in her heart on her birthday!

 Ceramic mug with sweets typos, for cute ladies


“In-style” tote bag for dynamic, active and “always-moving” girls

Combo of leather wallet, smartphone case and passport cover are indispensable items for fashionable ladies that men can consider buying as her birthday gift

  1. Shoes and Cosmetics

A beautiful pair of shoes does not only give women confidence and charm; they are also the messengers of her personality, lifestyle and aesthetics. Likewise, cosmetics are also on the list of "indispensable items" of women, especially when she appears in front of the crowd or on special occasions. By choosing a pair of shoes that fits her perfectly, or a red lipstick, a box of finest make-up chalk, you are sending a love message to her!


Make her beautiful, and she will make your world gorgeous!

(Photo: cosmeticsworld.com)

  1. High-tech devices

This is an interesting birthday gift hint for guys who love technology and want their girlfriend to share the same passion. There are plenty of options for you to find high-tech toys: smartphones, tablets, health bracelets or even modern gaming consoles like Play Station or Wii. Tip: remember to choose affordable stuffs. Do not overspend, boys!

Who said girls cannot be tech-savvy? (Photo: GiGadget.com)


The secret to finding the best birthday gifts for girlfriend is not that hard. It requires your sincere heart! Wishing you a meaningful birthday occasion together with your beloved girl!

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