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Great tips to choose and wear couple outfits “in-style”

Posted on 09 May 2017

Greetings from Bisu Bisu!

Couple outfits are the simplest and quickest way to assure the whole world that both of you are a pair of lovers. If you two want to stand out from the crowd when walking hands in hands on the street, or taking pictures to celebrate your love story – matching coupled items are the best choices. Let’s look at the following tips:

  1. Customizable couple shirts

T-shirts are probably the favorite and easiest item to pair with your darling. Traditional couple T-shirts typically have pictures or patterns printed in front of the chest or in the back. Be creative and add a bit more personalization like your names, photos or favorite quotes of you two to the shirts!

Couple T-shirts with cartoon or Chibi characters are ideal choices for you and darling to wear together on daily basic.

T-shirts are very easy to mix-match and comfortable to many occasions. Let’s be creative and add a bit of personalization to make it even more impressive, based on you and your lover’s tastes and styles!

A bit of differentiation with this set “T-shirt – Dress” is also an ideal option for your matching couple outfit collection.
More couple T-shirt items at: [Link]
  1. Couple shoes

Sneaker is the best choice if you want to follow this trend. Sneaker shoes from famous brands such as Nike, Adidas or Converse always have new shoe collections with "pair models” for couples who looking for a good pair of shoes. This is definitely a “must have” item in your accessory wardrobe!


Besides color and design, you should also consider the feet size of you and your darling in order to choose the perfect pair of shoes (Photo: shoeaddict.com)

  1. Bomber jacket, coupled jeans jacket

Continuing with fashion, but with a bit stronger personality is couple jackets and bombers. You can refer to many ideas to mix bomber jacket with T-shirts, jeans or backpacks, which express the youthfulness, energetic and also fit perfectly for your hanging-out together on beautiful days. Beside bomber jackets, couples can try jeans jackets or long sleeve jackets for ladies to look more stylish.

Powerful and stylish, bomber jackets and jeans jackets are couple outfits that make you look so “cool” together on occasions of travelling or hanging-out (Photo: Tiin.vn)

  1. Fashion accessories

The final suggestion to perfect your couple outfits is fashion accessories. If the outfit makes an immediate impression on the other person, accessories will add style and charm. To choose the right accessories, you will need to know a little bit about your darling’s hobbies, styles and habits. It is not difficult, because you are "the right half" of each other!

Smartphone covers, with cute photos or patterns printed are a lovely gift you can choose for your lovers on Valentine or birthday occasion.
More smartphone covers at: [Link]
This combo of couple leather wallets is the perfect match for you two to save important personal stuffs when travelling or on business occasions.
More items at: [Link]

This model of passport covers is “hot item” on this vacation season. You and your darling would be very excited travelling together with your passports being protected carefully inside these cute accessories.
More passport cover models at: [Link]


Dressing up beautifully in pair is not difficult. Bisu Bisu hopes that these tips can help you find the perfect couple outfits to dress together with your lover!


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