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7 useful tips to create your 2017 New Year’s Resolution

Posted on 29 December 2016

Greetings from Bisu Bisu! 

Christmas is over now and New Year is coming! The last days of the old year are the time for us to look back and reflect on the past things, and start thinking about specific goals in the upcoming year ahead. From personal intentions to important career goals and social achievements, you can write down as a reminder to motivate yourself more in 2017.

Here are Bisu Bisu’s 7 recommendations for your New Year’s Resolution, and how to turn them from ideas into reality.

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  1. Great changes start from small steps

It is tough if you want to change your life with a big plan within a short time. Instead, start small and steady by simply thinking about a specific aspect that you most want to improve this year. For instance, setting a goal of “30-minute morning jogging everyday” would be more realistic and achievable than a general slogan “I want to become refreshed and vigorous in 2017”.


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  1. Plan in advance

Before writing out your wishes, spend some time thinking about them. No matter what your goal is, do research on it - from the Internet, books, your friends ... Diverse sources of information will help you prepare for the implementation of your plan.

  1. Anticipate possible problems

No matter how carefully you research and prepare the plan, certain issues might still come up. What you need to do, in parallel with the New Year’s Resolution, is to note down the challenges you may face and how you can solve them. By fully understanding the obstacles, you will know what to do to overcome them. 

  1. Do not procrastinate. Choose a kick-off day to start.

Your New Year’s Resolution may not need to start right after New Year, but there is no excuse to delay it for too long either. "Great successes always start from the first step" – clearly note down the day you will start to implement your resolutions, and stick to that deadline!

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  1. Go for it!

Be committed to yourself and always push yourself to achieve the goals. The tip here is to create “reminders” that you can write in the form of small cards, or print them on wooden picture frames to hang in your room or wood postcards to put on your desk. There is no need for flowery, ornate words, the reminders should just be as simple as:

- One day a week, read a good book.

- 30-minute workout per day, piece of cake!

- I am confident that I can tame my anger whenever I’m frustrated.

New Year’s Resolutions, when written down, are halfway achieved already!

  1. Accept failure

Sometimes, plans are drift off track and you do not need to go crazy with yourself because it is very normal. Instead, learn to accept and reflect on what step you did wrong, which decision you should have avoided or whether you have been aggressive enough to achieve the objectives or not. Remember, self-motivation is the key to success, so accept failure and keep trying again!

  1. Reward yourself

As your endless efforts help you gain remarkable achievements, it would be nice to reward yourself for your hard work and commitment. If you have worked diligently for a whole year, loose yourself in a holiday; if you have saved up an amount of money, buy yourself stuffs in your wish-list, etc… Self-rewarding is not only about recognition, but also the momentum that motivates you to reach further goals in the future.

We believe that you all have interesting plans waiting to kick-off 2017. Let’s start them now! Bisu Bisu wishes you great achievements and remarkable successes in the year ahead!

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