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5 unique boyfriend birthday gift ideas

Posted on 11 May 2017

Greetings from Bisu Bisu! 

It is your boyfriend’s birthday and you still have not picked up a special gift despite listing out a dozens of things. Choosing a birthday gift for your man is not as difficult as you think. Everything would be simpler based on his tastes, so it is important that you understand his characters and personality. Bisu Bisu has a few unique boyfriend birthday gift ideas here.

  1. Handmade gifts; personalizable gifts (DIY)

Every guy would certainly feel happy and surprised when receiving a “handmade” birthday gift by the skillful hands of his darling. Personalizable gifts are the easiest way to make him remember you on his special day, as well as help you conquer the heart of your boyfriend because you can make it as unique as possible base on his personal tastes and styles.

Smartphone covers with his name printed, or with a texture/picture he likes is a good idea for his birthday gift.

More smartphone covers at: [Link]

Unique and creative passport covers, for those guys who love travel and adventures
View products at: [Link]

Free size T-shirt for guys, added with creative and funny quotes like this, will make it an interesting birthday gift for your boyfriend.

View more men T-shirts at: [Link]


You can also add more taste to his working space through this beautiful wooden canvas photo frame.


  1. Fashion outfits & a high-end pair of shoes

"Give him a decent suit, a pair of trusting shoes, and he will always carry them with him anywhere." This statement is perhaps the inspiration for every girl to think about finding your boyfriend’s birthday gift around these two essential items. There are a wide selection of clothes and shoes for you to consider, from famous brands to middle, affordable ones. Tip: elegantly observing his dressing styles to buy the most suitable gift!

Dynamic and active with jeans and blazer...

or elegant in a decent vest. Men’s costumes are the best birthday gift ideas that you can be assured of the fit and usefulness to your man. (Photo: menworld.com)

And don't forget: a good pair of shoes will complete the combo birthday gift for your boyfriend! (Photo: Pinterest)

  1. High-tech toys

Most guys will not resist the appeal of high-tech items. So why not research some digital toys as the birthday gifts for your boyfriend, girls? The secret: do not throw too much money into these stuffs because most of the technology devices are quite expensive. Just find the exact item that you know he desires the most!

Smartphones, tablets, smart watch, or PlayStation Games are the high-tech gifts that men would love to have on their birthday. (Photo: Engadget)

  1. Men’s luxury accessories

It is not difficult to name some of the "indispensable" accessories of men. They are some items that will help him look masculine, full of style and elegant when meeting partners or working in a professional work environment. A few men’s luxury accessories suggestions that you can refer to for your boyfriend birthday gifts are:

Wrist watches from renowned brands such as Tissot, Omega or Rolex (Photo: Menworld.com)

Leather briefcase, wallet, belt or shoes are accessories that highlight the sophisticated styles of men (Photo: leatheraccessories)

Men’s fragrance from popular scents such as Chanel or Hugo Boss are also “must-have” items for men (Photo: Chanel)

  1. A photo scrapbook

This birthday gift is more about spiritual value, especially for those guys who are sentimental. It takes a lot of work and patience to finish, but it is a worthy effort when you see his joy. Let’s make a beautiful photo scrapbook and add in it your heart-warmed feelings: memories with your boyfriend, happy or silly moments you spend together, or simply some of his cute photos you think he would love to see. We guarantee your boyfriend will be very impressed!

This is the birthday gift that your man will keep as a treasure for the rest of life! (Photo: DIYgift.com)



Bisu Bisu hopes these suggestions help you choosing a unique and meaningful birthday present for your boyfriend. Be creative and put all your heart and soul to the gift, and make him the best birthday ever!






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