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5 suggestions to find International Women’s Day gifts ideas “in style” for ladies

Posted on 28 February 2017

Greetings from Bisu Bisu!

In March, there is a special day dedicated to honor women worldwide: International Women’s Day 8th March. As the taste of Valentine’s Day still lingers, this is just another occasion for ladies to feel the love and respect from their gentlemen. Obviously, nothing expresses the spirit of love clearly and more meaningfully than gifts. In this blog post, let’s explore 5 best gifts for International Women’s Day that men can choose to surprise their beautiful ladies.

  1. Customizable gifts and accessories

One of the favorite presents most women would love to have is personalized accessories; something that reflects their own tastes. You can choose from many options, such as: printed smartphone cover, monogrammed leather wallet, or couple T-shirts. For certain, these creative International Women’s Day gifts would bring your women a big surprise when receiving from your hands.

An item such as women’s wallet with cute flowery patterns can easily attracts ladies

Combo of women’s clutch, leather notebook and smartphone cover is an ideal gift for ladies who love travelling the world

Simple and comfortable T-shirts. Perfect for young ladies to wear at home or for a casual hangout downtown

Want something creative? Choose a tote bag with an interesting quote like this, and she will be wearing it with great excitement!


  1. Flowers

A classic gift idea for International Women’s Day 8/3, flowers never fail to win women’s hearts as they represent for love, care and respect. Women will certainly feel very happy and glad to receive beautiful flowers, especially from their family or lovers.

A beautiful, exquisite bunch of flower is worth more than any praise words to women! (Photo: wildatheart.com)

  1. Branded cosmetic

Most women cannot resist the allure of luxurious cosmetics. They are not only beauty assistant to ladies, but also a way to express a woman’s personalities and styles whenever she appears in public. A lipstick, an eyeliner or a set of makeup items will be perfect gifts for international women’s day event. Tip: you should seek for advices from sales person about colors, as well as cosmetic features to make sure it best suits your woman.

Renowned cosmetic brands such as Lancome, Dior or L’Oreal are sophisticated choices when men consider buying cosmetic as Women’s Day gifts for their beloved ladies (Photo: cosmeticworld.com)

  1. Jewelry

Jewelry is a sophisticated present, so men should be cautious when choosing jewelry as gift for their women. There is no need to find expensive ones; instead, try looking affordable pieces of jewelry, made from silver, pearl or gem.

Luxurious, sophisticated and high-class. Jewelry is the luxury gift that men can choose for their women on International Women’s Day celebration (Photo: jewelist.com)

  1. High-tech devices

If traditional gifts are boring, gentlemen can think of finding technology products as new alternatives. If she is the type of woman of work, a tablet or smartphone is the perfect choice. Or you can also buy interesting technology devices like smart watches, health bracelets, etc...

Modern women do not only know about jewelry and cosmetics. High-tech items now also have a great appeal to ladies (Photo: BestProducts.com)


Have a great International Women's Day 8/3 beside your loved ones!

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